Meet the Director


Mrs. Marcy

The day that Mrs. Marcy walked through the doors of Richmond Hill Montessori Preschool transformed the future of RHMP and began a journey that would take her from teacher to administrator.  Seventeen years later, that journey is not over – today, Mrs. Marcy presides over RHMP as the program director, offering years of experience to the teachers, children, and parents that look to her for guidance.  She holds a TCC in Early Childhood Education as well as a vast majority of Bright from the Start Director training, as well as Quality Rated and NAEYC training.

Raising four children of her own, Early Childhood Education was a natural transition from motherhood for Mrs. Marcy; the fact that she could nurture her own children alongside the other children was a bonus.  Caring for the children of Richmond Hill has been a rewarding experience for her.  Richmond Hill Montessori’s commitment to families, children, the staff, and the community impressed her from the start.

Having been with the program for 17 years, Mrs. Marcy has seen generations come and go, seen children grow into responsible adults, part-time summer help, and valued members of the community.  The greatest joy for Mrs. Marcy is working in a program that is committed to excellent quality in childcare.  She knows that she is part of a family of excellence that helps families and the community raise the next generation of doctors, lawyers, school teachers, congressmen, and the mothers and fathers who will make a difference to our community, our state, and our world for many years to come.